How Can You Give Your Spouse Or Surviving Family Members Quick And Secure Access To Your Assets?

If you've recently suffered a death in your extended family, you may be witnessing firsthand the potential consequences of failing to adequately plan for one's heirs. If someone dies unexpectedly, without a will, surviving family members may scramble to uncover bank accounts and other potential assets without many clues as to these assets' whereabouts. However, in an age where large-scale security breaches and identity theft happen on seemingly a daily basis, you may be reluctant to leave a list of all your assets and financial accounts without taking precautions against this information falling into the wrong hands. [Read More]

New To Credit? Stay On Top Of Yours With These 4 Error-Checking And Reporting Tips

You may not get your credit report in the mail each month, so you may not think about it frequently, but it is important that you keep an eye on it. If your credit report has bad marks on it, it will affect your chances of securing a loan or even getting a credit card. In fact, if you plan on renting an apartment or home in the near future, a bad credit history could impact the decision making. [Read More]

Four Things You May Not Know About Selling Inherited Jewelry To A Gold Buyer

If you have recently inherited jewelry from a relative and know that you will never wear it, consider selling it to get some fast cash for your expenses. The process to sell your gold is not overly difficult. The following guide walks you through a few things about selling the jewelry that you may not already know. No Proof of Inheritance Is Needed Many people think that they need to be able to prove from where the jewelry came, but that is not the case at all. [Read More]

Getting A Lump Of Money And Don't Know What To Do With It? Don't Make Mistakes And Invest It Quickly

If you know that you have a large lump sum of money coming to you or you have already gotten it, either from some type of trust, will, inheritance or other reason, you want to do a few things for your own protection. You want to make sure that the money will be safe, and managed after it's in your possession. A financial investment firm is a great place to start when it comes to using the money and saving it wisely. [Read More]