Tips For Getting The Cash You Need For Those Last-Minute Gifts

The holidays are a financially stressful time, particularly when you're stretching things paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when companies are taking vacations, mail is delayed and paychecks may simply not arrive on time. In the last few days before the holiday, you might find yourself with a few more things to pick up and a delayed or missing paycheck. Luckily, there are other ways that you can deal with this situation. Here are a few tips to help you with some last-minute funds for gift-giving.

Apply for In-Store Credit

Even if you've never had a credit card before, applying for in-store credit at a major retailer might give you the opportunity to pick up those last minute things you need while you wait for your paycheck to clear. Many stores will issue an approval decision in-store, and any approved credit line will be available to spend immediately. This may be all you need to finish up your gift shopping.

Turn Your Extras Into Cash

If you have old electronics laying around, many shopping centers have automated machines that will issue cash for those old devices. Cell phones, tablets and similar items are often accepted in exchange for a predetermined cash value. You can also sell things like this on a local classified site. Consider marketing your unused electronics as great holiday gifts, and you might be able to sell them quickly.

Borrow From a Quick Loan Provider

Sometimes, your credit won't be strong enough for an in-store card, and you may have already exhausted all of the extras in your house that you could sell. In that case, you might find that a local quick loan service may help you out. These loans aren't credit-based, so you won't have to worry about a low credit score preventing you from getting the cash you need. You can get a payday loan in minutes from most lenders. Just make sure that you bring all of the documentation needed. You'll want to have your identification, a couple of your most recent pay stubs and a check for your current checking account. Call ahead to see if you need to bring anything else, that way you won't have any further delays. Contact a company like EZ Check Advance to learn more. 

With these tips, those last-minute gifts will be no trouble at all. In either case, you'll have the cash you need to carry you until your paycheck arrives after the holidays.