Four Things You May Not Know About Selling Inherited Jewelry To A Gold Buyer

If you have recently inherited jewelry from a relative and know that you will never wear it, consider selling it to get some fast cash for your expenses. The process to sell your gold is not overly difficult. The following guide walks you through a few things about selling the jewelry that you may not already know.

No Proof of Inheritance Is Needed

Many people think that they need to be able to prove from where the jewelry came, but that is not the case at all. The jeweler will not care where you got the jewelry, as long as it is not stolen. Some gemstones have identification numbers in them. If someone has a piece of jewelry stolen, the numbers will be listed in a database by the police when they make the report. The jeweler will cross reference the numbers of the jewelry you are selling and if they do not match any stolen items in the database, where you got the jewelry will not be of importance to them.

The Condition of the Jewelry Is Not Important

The condition the jewelry is in is not important because the pieces will typically be melted down. The buyer will either melt down the jewelry to use it to create a different piece or they may sell it to a larger jewelry buyer, who will then melt it down.

You Can Get an Offer Right Away

When you take the jewelry into the buyer, he or she will examine it to make sure that it is real gold and then weigh it determine how much it is worth. The price of gold fluctuates from day to day and is based on the karat of the gold and the weight. The jeweler will make you an offer for the jewelry based on the daily rate of gold.

You Are Not Obligated to Sell

If you feel that the price offered is too low, you can refuse the buyer's offer and take the jewelry with you. Just because the jeweler takes the time to give you an evaluation of the pieces, you are not obligated to accept the offer and sell the pieces.

Now that you know the ins and outs of the gold-selling process, you should feel more comfortable with the overall experience. You could walk out with cash in hand for the items that you were not going to wear anyway. Visit various buyers, such as the Rocky Mountain Gold & Silver Exchange, to find the best deal for your jewelry.